Amicus Wealth - An innovative city-based financial services company offering a broad range of financial advice.

We want to break the mould of a typical financial advisery company by providing professional long-term client led solutions.


Who are we?

Amicus Wealth is a financial services consultancy that offers our clients the best of both worlds: the energy and drive of a new company, plus expertise and reassurance from over 20 advisers with years of wealth management experience.

Our vision is simple. We know that every individual’s financial situation, needs and concerns are different. We understand that our clients place great trust in us when they choose us for their financial planning. That’s why we aim to cover all areas of financial planning and why the advice and solutions we offer are bespoke for you. We always look to build long-term relationships, and plan to be there to support our clients throughout their careers.

Our History

Amicus Wealth came to life in 2014 when the three founders, with over 25 years’ combined wealth management experience, opened offices in the heart of the City of London. Today, we have over 20 advisers, offering guidance across a broad spectrum of financial services.

Our Clients

We have a large established client base, comprising city-based professionals, business owners and sports people. Testament to our vision, these are people we have maintained strong relationships with during our years in the industry. But don’t take our word for it – read their testimonials.

Our Values

The work we do and advice we give is underpinned by three values:


We want to be the leading London-based financial services company. We channel this energy and drive into offering the best possible solutions for each of our clients.


We don’t believe in sitting back or just accepting the status quo. We’re constantly pushing to offer our clients the best service possible.

We introduce new products where relevant and continually review existing ones to make sure they’re most appropriate. And, we make sure to arrange meetings for when it’s most important – whether that’s at the end of the fiscal year, on a change of job, the birth of a new child or during big market developments.


We are passionate about many things, but top of the list is the quality of our advice and doing the best job possible for our clients.

We want our clients to achieve their financial and life objectives, and we understand the privileged role we can play in that journey.

We are passionate about growing Amicus Wealth the right way. We want to build our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and reputable company in the financial services industry. This means we work hard, and we know there’s always more to do.

If you’re interested in talking to us about your financial planning needs, please contact us for a commitment-free consultation.

The initial consultation and following bespoke plan are free, and create no commitment. Where a recommendation is made, or policy taken out following the creation of the bespoke plan, a fee may be chargeable.

Or, if you’re a graduate with a passion for finance and think you have the ambition to fit our culture, read how you can develop your career at Amicus Wealth.

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“My whole family now work with Amicus”

The level of service has been excellent, I feel they have put me in a good place with their financial advice and help. Many companies tell you to “Choose me” with nothing or very little to offer in support of this statement. Amicus Identified and addressed my concerns, by listening to me first and then looking at areas of investment interest, he was able to offer a list of best solutions to suit my needs.

Ian Sanders
Head of GBDS Middle Office at Societe Generale

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