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Wilfred Pennie DipPFS

Associate Director

“My most important piece of advice is very, very simple: have a plan!”

Wilfred is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth. Recognizing that every client’s goals are as individual and varied as they are, his passion for the industry lies in helping people achieve whatever is important to them in life. Something he says is made possible by the client-led and refreshingly honest culture at Amicus Wealth. And, on the subject of honesty, while Wilfred’s main love in his spare time is sports, he also admits to having tried his hand as an actor in years gone by.

Will's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Will’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.


“Solid and dependable financial advice.”

I originally approached Will Pennie because I was looking for advice on pension management. Having received very good guidance and support on my pension planning, I also used Will for a more holistic approach to the management of my finances.

Will helped me by giving me clear and concise information about my options at the appropriate technical level. He also made me aware of financial products I was not familiar with, but without any undue sales pressure.

I appreciate the face to face interaction Will is always willing to accommodate, made easier by the location of Amicus office in the heart of the City. He is always quick to respond to queries or to arrange meetings when requested and is also flexible and accommodating of my very busy schedule. I really like that Will takes care of all the background research and setup work and minimises my involvement. The result is that I now have a significantly improved plan and in general a more sound approach to my finances.

I have already recommended Will to colleagues, the sort of person that would benefit most from using Will is the busy senior manager/executive that cannot dedicate the time required to self-manage their finances and is looking for solid and dependable financial advice.

George Koutsoudis
Head of ALM and Interest Rate Risk at Tesco Bank

Retirement - First Meeting

“Retire with confidence.”

The initial free consultation and then predefined fees gave me more confidence about the impartiality of advice and the options available were considerably more varied than those I had been aware of previously. This has resulted in my pension pot and other savings being boosted by a considerable amount in recent years through options drawn to my attention by Will.

I particularly like the fact that I will be made aware of potential future changes in legislation or rules that could impact me. This combined with the regular review meetings that re-assess current state gives me the confidence that I can adjust my financial plans in plenty of time, if required.

It is surprising what can be achieved when you are seeking to boost your retirement pot and how important timing is when it comes to utilising annual contribution limits, income tax savings and protection against exceeding the lifetime allowance. At the age of 55 my wife and I were in a financial position to retire with confidence about the adequacy of our pension provision. The calculations were more complex than I had imagined and without Will’s advice I would have missed out on some significant benefits to boost my pot and been subject to an unexpected tax burden. I had previously been put off taking professional financial advice when an adviser had little more knowledge than I did and appeared to base advice on the level of commission he would receive from the different options. When I was introduced to Will I found quite a different situation.

John Ticehurst
Principal Business Architect at Xchanging


“Very personal service”

I would highly recommend the services of Amicus Wealth for anyone in need of some clarity or assistance with both tax relief and planning. I originally approached Will Pennie because I had begun to think about whether my various individual personal pensions accumulated through various employments were being optimally managed in my best interests, and whether there was more I could be doing to make the most of available tax benefits both pension and otherwise.

Before even discussing my pension and investments, Will talked through my background, lifestyle, current situation and my thoughts on retirement and potential expectations. He helped me to get some perspective before providing a tailored set of proposals around how best to optimise the management and potential performance of my investments, outlining how I could best utilise unused tax benefits for possible top up investments.

I now receive regular updates from Amicus Wealth on my combined pension portfolio, which are very clear and easy to understand. Will ensures we catch up at least twice a year to discuss any possible changes to my circumstances or retirement plans.

Amicus Wealth provided a very personal service and I found the experience to be both educational in the world of Tax Planning and supportive in terms of helping to obtain the best outcome for me.

Richard Pontin 
Independent Compliance Consultant at IB Compliance Services Limited. Past Employment – International Head of Compliance (ex Japan) at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities