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Ryan Gonsalves DipFA

Associate Director

“Financial planning can be complex, and everyone’s situation is different; never be afraid to ask for help.”

Ryan is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth and has worked in Wealth Management since 2011. Bermudian-born, his passion for the business comes from knowing that every person who comes through the door to see him leaves better informed about their finances. He appreciates that reviewing and considering one’s own financial planning may not always be as high on the priority list as perhaps it should, but by working closely with his client’s he is able to relieve them of this pressure and provide them with peace of mind. Outside of the financial world, he loves being outdoors – cricket in the summer, rugby in the winter, with a claim to fame of a handful of caps for the powerhouse that is the Bermuda rugby 7s team.

Ryan's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Ryan’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.


“Well worth having a chat with Ryan”

If you have a sizeable investment portfolio or are just starting to look at how you could structure your pension/investment portfolio in a tax efficient way it's well worth having a chat with Ryan.

Having had issues with previous IFA's trying to charge overly high fees for a substandard offering I was very wary about getting involved with another IFA. However, I'm glad I did. Ryan identified and resolved where I was over protected and consequently paying too much for products, put in place a sensible framework for my finances and all for a lower fee than I was previously paying.

In addition he's a genuinely good guy with a healthy interest in Rugby.

Alistair Hutchinson
Project Manager at Asset Disposals

Pension & ISA

“You would be in good hands.”

Whether you are young and only looking to start something modest or older and looking for something more mature, I'm sure you would be in good hands with Ryan.

I needed help with setting up a long term private pension plan and additional savings plan. Ryan came highly recommended by a good friend and before we met, I had a general lack of understanding regarding pensions – how to structure them, how much will I need when I retire and how should I fit a private pension around my work pension and other savings products.

Ryan’s advice on simple outlining of a SIPP in tandem with an ISA suited both my personal and family needs. Additional contacts in other financial areas (tax advice for example) was also helpful. What I particularly like about my approach or delivery is that it was made clear that I didn’t have to go with the products suggested, and advice was relaxed and not pushy.

The process was very comfortable and carried out over a few individual sessions. Time was given for me and my family to consider, discuss and come to a decision.

Daniel Carney
Senior Vice President, Power & Utilities at Marsh


“I am glad I took my leap.”

I was one of the ’why should I pay a Financial Adviser to do something I could myself’ brigade. Except I was doing nothing. With the prospect of retirement on the horizon, I recognized that I needed to get some help as I did not have the time to properly and continually review my pension provisions, despite their importance. With any new working relationship, there is an inevitable ‘leap of faith’ component. During the first couple of meetings, Ryan was able to provide some guidance on quick-win changes to improve the performance of certain investments as well as recommending to leave some alone. This approach gave me confidence that Ryan would be a good choice for me. During our regular meetings, Ryan has kept the information readily digestible and has provided some other helpful ideas beyond my original request. He is an active adviser, rather than one who sits back and just banks his money. He has recently advised a switch from one fund as it’s performance was faltering. He also helped me change platforms to a competitor platform which offered the same investment options but at lower cost. I am glad I took my ‘leap’.

Kevin Juniper
Head of Insurance at Castleton Commodities

Professional Knowledge - Pension

“Knowledgeable, professional and helpful.”

Honest and very personable, Ryan has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sound financial advice from an immensely professional financial advisor.

Ryan has been advising me for the last 4 years primarily on my Personal Pension activities and he has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful throughout. His knowledge of his sector has been incredibly impressive and his ongoing engagement and commitment to my financial wellbeing equally so.

Paul Mepham
Contractor at UBS

Insurance & Pension

“Clarity and focus”

I would recommend Ryan to those who feel they need clarity or simply some advice on just where they stand in the world of pensions, life assurance and income protection as it is such an important area but one that can be very confusing and often gets neglected or ignored. I originally met with Ryan after being referred by a friend.  At that point I was concerned about the fact I, like many people, had an array of pension pots from current and previous employers, and no clear idea over how well they were performing, or how best to arrange them to work for me.

I was also concerned over whether I was sufficiently covered for such things as life assurance and critical illness. Ryan helped me by firstly focusing on what my desired outcome was, which brought clarity and focus to a complicated area. He also took on the administrative side, which can be burdensome but was necessary to get the full picture of my position and therefore my needs. As a result I am now clearer on where I am, where I want to be, and have an idea of how to get there. It is also reassuring to know that you have an adviser that knows your situation and can assist you when you need it.  

Richard Berry
Group Management Accountant at Rathbone Brothers Plc

Responsiveness & Divorce

“Sound timely advice.”

Ryan has always been prompt to respond to my questions regarding my financial planning, he’s listened to my needs (including through both marriage and divorce) and in providing sound timely advice. I moved away from my previous advisor due to a lack of responsiveness with emails and calls waiting a fortnight or more before being replied to (if at all).

Tim Highfield
Head of Developments IO Oil & Gas Consulting