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Richard Hammond DipPFA

Financial Adviser

“With legislation hamstringing many clients, it’s important to take advice to find out what allowances are available to you and to make the most of them.”

Hailing from North Norfolk and a farming background, Richard isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty but was always heading towards the city for a career having studied economics at university. He started as a financial adviser in 2009 after travelling over ground from Kenya to Cape Town then to New Zealand and Australia, watching a lot of live sport along the way.

He enjoys meeting clients from different industries, backgrounds and circumstances, tailoring advice according to each situation and client. Having the opportunity to change his clients’ lives for the better, adapt to changing economic conditions and making the most of the frequent legislation changes. He enjoys building long term relationships with his clients based on solid, honest advice.

The most important piece of advice that he gives his clients is to be proactive and get cracking sooner rather than later; the first step is usually the hardest. Richard describes the Amicus culture as “an ambitious, progressive, professional and fun environment with everyone pulling together towards a common goal. We all greatly enjoy the team spirit in the office”. As well as being a keen woodworker he also enjoys skiing, social cricket, very social golf and hosting dinner parties.

Richard's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Richard’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.

Pension & ISA

“Very comfortable that the money I have saved is in the right place.”

To anyone like me who is not a sophisticated investor and needs patient expertise to coordinate, explain and determine the right investment strategy for them, I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Hammond at Amicus Wealth. Richard has been outstanding in listening to, understanding and meeting my needs.

As a result, all our pensions and ISAs are now in coordinated, sound investment vehicles. I understand exactly where they are invested, how they are performing on a continuous basis, and why the investment strategy I have agreed with Richard is appropriate for my medium and long term needs. Having worked for various insurance related firms during a 30 year career to date, I found myself in the position of having a series of unconnected pension pots with correspondingly disparate investment strategies. Also, I had built up ISA savings for myself and my wife but with no meaningful investment plan or management. A friend recommended Richard Hammond of Amicus Wealth as financial advisor who, I was informed, would be very able to organise my portfolio and create a coordinated, appropriate investment strategy. For the first time, I am very comfortable that the money I have saved is in the right place and that I am doing the right thing.

Simon Stokoe


“Richard had my best interests at heart.”

I think that Richard’s approach, personality and understanding, make him well suited to adapt to a client with both small and big portfolios. I needed to reinvest my pension pot and wanted to make sure I reinvested in safe, but good yielding entities so went to Richard on the advice of a trusted friend who was already a client and haven’t looked back since. From my initial meeting I realized that Richard had my best interests at heart.

I want to retire early and with that in mind, Richard explained how moving things around would be beneficial to me. We have consolidated my portfolio to put me in the best possible position to achieve that. Richard quickly made me feel relaxed and was able to explain things to me whereby I could clearly see that alteration of my current arrangements would put me in a far better position – not only a more cost-effective way for my business to be handled. He kept his explanations clear and simple I didn’t feel that he was putting my money in a vessel which would earn him the most money. It’s his personal touch that makes all his clients feel that they are a big fish in whatever size pond – big or small.

Julie Penticost
Operations Director at Besso Limited


“Wise investment decisions.”

My experience is that Richard does not just offer his clients run of the mill advice, but that he pays attention to his clients' personal circumstances and seeks to present options that are aimed to maximise their earning potential. I have become accustomed to his thorough research, preparation and attention to detail, and I have come to trust that if there are decisions to be made the proposed options would be clearly laid out by him. Finding myself in a new country where the investment regulations and incentives were unknown to me at the time, Richard offered the advice I needed over the years to help me make wise investment decisions. The approachable nature of his personality, along with his professional conduct makes it a pleasure to do business with him.

IT Consultant
A Global Financial Services software company

Pension Top Up

“A very reliable and knowledgeable adviser.”

I would recommend Richard to others as a very reliable and knowledgeable adviser. Richard had been recommended to me by a colleague at a time when I was looking to top up my pension. Richard listened to what I wanted and provided me with some options, having reviewed my financial situation he carefully pointed out the benefits and risks with the options presented. I was left with time to carefully consider what I wanted to do without any pressure to make a decision, he involved his colleagues as required to ensure that I was provided with all the correct data and facts.

I have subsequently relied on Richard's advice on other matters for both myself and my family and have always found him to be very thorough, professional and very approachable even if asked to explain the same thing a number of times to ensure I understand it!

Neil King


“Polite, professional and approachable.”

I have been a satisfied client of Richard and Amicus Wealth for several years. They have always been polite, professional and approachable and their advice has always been spot on. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Andrew Wegg
Credit Risk Manager at Allianz