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Michael Lewis DipFA

Associate Director

“Achieving your long-term goals becomes easier the sooner you make the decision to take control of your finances.”

Michael is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth, with a degree in Business Economics. Describing Amicus Wealth as dynamic, motivational and different to a typical corporate environment, his passion is the opportunity to adapt together with his clients throughout their career. In his personal time, Michael enjoys family time and flexing his culinary skills – though don’t ask him for holiday advice, as he notoriously got sunburnt in the rain.

Mike's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Mike’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.


“Collaborative and very informative.”

My interaction with Amicus from the start was collaborative and very informative. That initial meeting has led to a strong partnership that is always focused on past and present goals and is aligning with future goals as well. This gives me the confidence that my needs are receiving the appropriate support and ultimately the right advice.

David Roberts

Investment & Property

“My finances are in good hands.”

Having worked with Mike and Amicus since its inception I know that my finances are in good hands. The regular reviews that Mike organizes with me to validate the investment strategy enable us to tweak the portfolio along the way for maximum value and has helped produce strong returns. I have used Mike and his colleagues at Amicus to inform me across various other parts of my financial planning, including arranging the financing for property purchases and have been confident in recommending him to friends and colleagues who have communicated to me that they are equally pleased.

Leon Saunders-Calvert
Global Head of M&A and Capital Raising Propositions, Refinitiv

Final Salary

“Sure footed, professional and extremely responsive.”

Once introduced to Mike Lewis I soon appreciated his depth of knowledge and professional approach especially as I began to consider commuting my 'DB' Final Salary Scheme.

I worked in Corporate Banking all my Career [in the City] so as I approached early retirement I was pretty confident that I had the necessary skills to handle the issues in front of me. However, it soon became apparent that there were a number of issues where I needed some professional guidance.

As I pondered the issues, Mike offered impartial and cogent advice. For example, I initially refused the first offer I was made by Pension Fund Trustee's and far from trying to persuade me to accept it, Mike totally agreed with my rationale to refuse. Patience proved a virtue as we revisited the issue again approximately 6 months later when I was able to accept a significantly improved offer.... an offer that would be very hard to refuse. Mike and his Team at Amicus then completed all the Compliance /FCA work on my behalf to satisfy all Regulatory requirements in a very timely manner. When suggesting solutions and products, he has done so with a holistic view of my financial position and risk tolerances, and within the confines of our ongoing narrative.

I have been with Mike since around 2014 and I have always found him to be thoughtful, sure footed, professional and extremely responsive.

Martin Broadhurst

Investment & Property

“My financials are in a safe pair of hands.”

I have a great relationship with Mike and trust him 100%. He knows my goals, risk tolerance and appreciates my lack of time. I am a very structured person and like that he always comes super prepared for our meetings. I feel as though my financials are in a safe pair of hands but also that my changing needs are being met. I see this as a long-term partnership. Having recently returned to the UK after living in New York for six years, I was looking for a Financial Advisor and Mike was recommended to me by a friend from business school. After our initial meeting, I left feeling confident that Mike and his company would be able to support me in my financial planning goals.

My primary goal was to get an overview of all my UK and US finances including pensions and ISAs in order that I could come up with a savings plan. I wanted to earn as much interest as I could within my risk threshold but leaving cash accessible as my short-term goal was a financial plan that would support me in buying my first home and cover all the associated costs. The strategy in the USA is to leave your pension until retirement age, Mike recommended that we essentially leave it running but make some minor changes in the blend of investments to get a better rate of return.
My UK pensions were consolidated under my employer pension and I also started investing in a personal pension in order to grow my retirement pot and take advantage of government set thresholds, and invest annually in stocks and shares ISAs. As my needs have evolved, Mike has also been put me in touch with a Mortgage Adviser to answer questions I have had on mortgage rates, as well as supporting me in the completion of my UK tax return. Before I met Mike I was concerned that the cost of engaging a Financial Advisor would outweigh the returns and that I would have to take the time to gather my financial data/paperwork in one place in order to start the conversation however Mike is extremely thorough and well organised and I like that he reaches out to me to check in, make sure we are meeting regularly and is clear what he needs from me to make the most of our review meetings. He reviews my portfolio ahead of our meetings, and comes prepared with the data and recommendations, so that our time together focuses on action and addressing any questions I may have. I also appreciate that he is on top of legislations to ensure that I am making the most of my allowances.

The sort of people who will benefit the most from the service that Amicus offer are people similar to myself who work long hours and do not have the time that is required to keep on top of their finances in order to monitor their portfolio and get the best returns, and importantly keep abreast of the ever-changing legislations. Amicus can do that for you.

Victoria Carvalho
Managing Director of Employee Loyalty at Ten Lifestyle Group