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Gethin Whittall DipFA

Associate Director

“There has never been a more important time to keep on top of your finances – things are changing faster than ever.”

Gethin is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth. His passion is helping his clients achieve their personal idea of financial success - whether that means giving their children a deposit for a house, or being able to stop working. He believes this attitude is part of Amicus Wealth culture, a company where individuals genuinely care about doing the best thing. When not helping clients, Welshman Gethin loves to watch Wales win rugby games.

Gethin's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Gethin’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.

Personal Service & Knowledge

“Confidence of his approach and quality of advice.”

Gethin put forward a range of suggestions and ideas that I would not have been able to undertake myself to ensure that I maximized the window of investment opportunity available. Before I came to Amicus, I had no real concerns however had previously dealt with my financial arrangements myself but wanted to understand transparency of arrangements. It has been a very useful experience to help me get my financial planning on a sound footing and provide opportunities for the future.

I contacted Gethin for advice on planning investments for retirement and investing for my children’s future. I needed expert help and support to look at options and alternatives. I chose to do business with Gethin as our initial meeting gave me confidence of his approach and quality of advice. I particularly like the regular contact and catch ups with Gethin, to keep updated through a personal service. A client looking to understand the allowances available within our tax system, plan or review current financial arrangements would benefit the most from Gethin’s services.

Chris Sutton
Head of Strategic Broking at Aon Risk Solutions

Pension & Honest Approach

“Confidence that they are sustainable and will deliver.”

Gethin has many admirable qualities but the overarching of these is his professional approach to his work. It started for me at the time Aon was reviewing its pension arrangements and I needed advice. A colleague of mine recommended Gethin to me saying that he did a good job for him on his finances and he had a collaborative style rather than just selling financial products. He already had a number of my colleagues as clients who also recommended him.

His approach of listening and making suggestions about how best to set up your finances according to your requirement is refreshing rather than someone just trying to sell their products. His explanation of how the financial products work is done in a way that is understood and gives the confidence that they are sustainable and will deliver. The trust here is also supported by the organisation he works for.

Another important aspect to the way Gethin works is that you can contact him at any time if you have any concerns you wish to discuss. This is an important part of the “after sales” service.

Nigel Smith
Broking Director at Aon Risk Solutions

Pension, Investment & Honesty

“My whole family now work with Amicus.”

The level of service has been excellent; I feel they have put me in a good place with their financial advice and help. I contacted Gethin for advice on my Personal Pension and Investments as far too often I had been told “what the advisor wanted me to hear but not want I needed to hear”, there was no real help or advisory that addressed these issues I faced. So before we met Amicus I was concerned about a possible lack of integrity or impartial selling on here part. Many companies tell you to “Choose me” with nothing or very little to offer in support of this statement.

Gethin Identified and addressed my concerns, by listening to me first and then looking at areas of investment interest, he was able to offer a list of best solutions to suit my needs. He was able to pro-actively manage my requirements especially as I wanted something specific in my planning, by giving me all the options for evaluation without prejudice, I was able to clearly identify where I needed to and wanted to invest.

What I liked was their approach and the fact I have direct access to my advisor, the impartial selling, understanding of my goals and how to best place me to achieve these targets was set out clearly. Anyone looking for financial advice would benefit from Amicus and Gethin’s service; this would apply to any plan and across any background with no age limits.

As testament my whole family works with Amicus, from 26-62 years of age.

Ian Sanders
Head of Middle Offices


"Good, quality, friendly and impartial advice."

Anyone looking to consolidate their various employment pensions as I did and find good, quality, friendly and impartial advice should not hesitate to talk to Gethin and the team at Amicus Wealth.

I was initially contacted by Gethin with a view to assisting with my Financial Planning for retirement. At the time I had numerous pensions from my various employments ranging from Final Salary to Cash Purchase to stakeholder pensions, all with varying sums.

Initially I was cautious about meeting up with someone who had called me out of the blue but after meeting Gethin I was quickly put at ease. There was no hard sell, he and the team fully understood my concerns and desire not to risk my investments but that I wanted to build for the future in quality funds.

Gethin organised obtaining current values from all my pensions, he made it clear we should not touch the final salary scheme as it was best left where it was but that we should amalgamate all the other schemes in to a single fund. I was taken through a series of questions that clearly assessed my risk appetite and was at all times urged not to make investments that I was not comfortable with.

At no time was this a rushed process and I was given plenty of time to make my decision. In fact, if anything Gethin did not want me making decisions I would regret later.

When I had a further piece of luck which enabled me to take early retirement Gethin walked me through the whole process explaining clearly at each step what the process was, how long it might take and why, and overall went to great lengths to make sure I was fully happy with the decisions I was making.

Overall there was no hard sell, every step was clearly explained, and there was always a drive to drop to the next risk level down and never to go above what I was happy with.

Wayne Savill