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David Fry DipPFS

Managing Director

“Financial planning is becoming increasingly complex due to the current political and economic situation. My advice is always to start planning early and understand what allowances are available to you”

David is the Managing Director of Amicus Wealth, with over ten years’ financial experience. He cofounded the company with a passion to create something special in the industry, and is inspired by the opportunity to create the best possible solution for every client by linking the right financial products to each individual situation. Having abandoned his surf bum aspirations many years ago, when he’s not spending time with the company, his wife or friends he still catches the occasional wave.

Dave's Client Stories

Below are client stories from Dave’s clients and highlight the areas he specialises in.


“My best interests at heart”

We're all busy focusing on our own careers and hence our personal investments and financial planning arrangements can take a back seat. That's where Dave and his colleagues at Amicus Wealth come in, they're constantly monitoring the best performing funds out there and advising me on any necessary switches to maximise my returns.

I've always felt that they've had my best interests at heart and I have had regular meetings to discuss any personal or legislative changes that could impact my future plans. I've recommended Dave and his team to several family members, friends and colleagues and will have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Thomas Gleis

Investments & Fees

“Personal, not forceful and patient”

Professionals who don’t have time to do their own financial planning will certainly benefit from Dave’s services. I moved to the UK and needed some advice on investment opportunities available for professionals like myself who are based in the UK. Before I met Dave Fry, I was a little wary of impartiality with investments, kickback fees from providers of the investments, as well as hidden fees payable by me. However, on meeting Dave, I immediately got on with him and he inspired confidence around my initial concerns as well as future trust of him.

What I particularly like about Dave’s approach is that it is personal, not forceful, and patient. Amicus aren’t just salesmen but genuine people who are very knowledgeable and who walk the talk. After dealing with Dave and Amicus over the years, I still feel extremely comfortable and trusting with both Dave and Amicus as an institution.

Rob Bessinger
Managing Director and Investment Banker

Pension & Investment

“Consistent and friendly advice”

All clients would benefit from this service as it caters for all levels of wealth. Personal service without any “hard sell” tactics. Good feedback and regular meetings. Trust Trust Trust.

Before I met Amicus (Dave Fry) I had met several alternative “advisers” but the advice they gave seemed to mainly benefit them in terms of fees and preferred carriers. The important element of Trust was always missing. Amicus have provided me with sound and prudent investment advice, where there was never any pressure to “buy” their products. Simple yet sound advice from a small but very effective company. I wanted a whole planning review and in particular I wanted to have a target pension pot for a retirement at 55, 60 or 65. I also wanted to invest in Stock and shares ISAS and needed advice on low cost but successful funds and low cost platforms.

[David] always analysed my investments and changed or managed the strategy on a yearly basis, but always with the long term in mind. No short term sprints into high risk madness. Good “attitude to risk” analysis too. Generally the key ingredient is that you listen and shape strategy around my aims and objectives. This builds trust and a long term relationship which is key to any financial partnership and advice.

Calm, consistent and friendly advice and service.

John Field
GFI Group


“Amicus has its finger on the pulse”

We would recommend Amicus to seasoned and novice investors alike and to any budding entrepreneurs. Dave and his team at Amicus are a dynamic, forward looking company and I am confident that our investments and the advice we receive are on a very sound footing. We particularly liked the thorough approach and risk analysis Amicus used to understanding our financial situation and advising on the possible strategies which could be used to maximise our funds growth over the long term.

Our main concern was funding retirement with an adequate income as we are both approaching 60. We had already received advice from another company which I was unhappy with and this made us wary and possibly sceptical about the finance industry, which is not a bad thing when you are entrusting substantial funds to a third party.

We set up a SSAS some years ago but as an entrepreneur running an SME I realised that we did not have the time, nor expertise to make sure our retirement fund would perform consistently over the long term, so sought more ‘professional’ approach to investing.

I had heard good reports regarding Amicus and its MD Dave Fry from a trusted business contact. Amicus has now provided a long term solution to our pension and investing needs.

Dave always keeps in touch. We meet up once a year to take stock of the current situation and we regularly email and talk as required. Life, business and the financial world has a habit of changing at a rapid pace, but we feel confident that Amicus has its finger ‘on the pulse’ so that these changes can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Gary Young
Owner at CIS Street Furniture