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We have a large established client base, comprising city professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees. These are people we have maintained strong relationships with during our years in the industry. This helps us find the best financial solutions for our clients’ personal needs. But don’t take our word for it – read our client stories.

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We believe that strong client-adviser relationships are the core to our success. Here are all the client stories we have from a varied range of industries:


As our office is in the heart of the City, many of our clients are in the banking industry. Here’s what those clients have to say about us:

“Solid and dependable financial advice”

I originally approached Will Pennie because I was looking for advice on pension management. Having received very good guidance and support on my pension planning, I also used Will for a more holistic approach to the management of my finances.

Will helped me by giving me clear and concise information about my options at the appropriate technical level. He also made me aware of financial products I was not familiar with, but without any undue sales pressure.

I appreciate the face to face interaction Will is always willing to accommodate, made easier by the location of Amicus office in the heart of the City.

He is always quick to respond to queries or to arrange meetings when requested and is also flexible and accommodating of my very busy schedule.

I really like that Will takes care of all the background research and setup work and minimises my involvement. The result is that I now have a significantly improved plan and in general a more sound approach to my finances.

I have already recommended Will to colleagues, the sort of person that would benefit most from using Will is the busy senior manager/executive that cannot dedicate the time required to self-manage their finances and is looking for solid and dependable financial advice.

George Koutsoudis
Head of ALM and Interest Rate Risk at Tesco Bank

“The process approach was client first”

I believe that most professionals would benefit from this competent and trustworthy adviser I needed advice around investments. I have very little time to look at my own options when it comes to personal finance so someone to help me be more pro-active was really important. I hadn’t used an adviser before, so I didn’t know what to expect. You hear and read things so (it) was difficult to understand the process in meeting an adviser and getting things in place.

When you’re busy, it’s hard to keep on top of constantly changing products and legislation, so you don’t know what is relevant to your situation. Chris was knowledgeable, reassuring and trustworthy and I liked the general feel and culture of Amicus. He has always kept me aware of any changes; whether that be with aspects of my own personal finances or with legislation/product changes/market changes as a whole. When you’re busy, you don’t necessarily know what is available and how it works.

Chris and I looked at my objectives and areas to be improved in detail and we were able to come up with a plan where products fitted around my situation, not the other way around. The on-going service and relationship is also very important to me as I can benefit from tweaking things as necessary when my situation evolves. The regular reviews and constant contact with Chris are reassuring and allow me to feel confident that everything is as it should be.  

Chris really focussed on my objectives and making my finances fit in with these rather than product selling. The process approach was client first; every stage of the process was explained.

My experience has been very positive. I have a strong relationship with Chris built on trust and honesty and feel confident that the on-going service I’ve had has put me in a strong place to achieve my financial objectives.

Phil Hooper
Head of Real Estate Finance at Royal Bank of Scotland

“His advice always has my best interests at heart and has never let me down.”

Anyone who is looking for a professional, independent company to help manage their money would benefit from a conversation with Amicus Wealth.  My experience of Amicus Wealth has been entirely positive. From the first time I met my advisor, George (Thomas), it was clear that he was a professionally qualified, experienced expert in his field who would be able to offer me sound, impartial advice on how to best manage my money.

What I particularly like about George’s approach is that he explains everything clearly in simple terms. He doesn’t apply any pressure whatsoever and I make the final decisions, based on the information and facts he has presented. His advice always has my best interests at heart and has never let me down.Not only do I meet George regularly for updates, but I frequently contact him for information on a whole range of financial matters, and he is always responsive and helpful.  

Given my circumstances, I was encouraged to adopt a conservative, risk averse strategy, but the funds have still grown at an impressive rate – far better than I was achieving previously - with the added advantage that they are now all in one place.  This turned out to be superb advice.

I had some reservations about seeking financial advice because I was less than ten years from retirement and couldn’t afford to take chances with the pension funds I had built up but I did some research on Amicus Wealth and was reassured that they are a professional, regulated, independent firm who would be able to provide me with expert advice.  

I have recommended their services to a number of friends and colleagues, who have all experienced similar positive results.

Lee Bellamy
Money Laundering Reporting Officer at AHLI United Bank

“Clarity and focus”

I would recommend Ryan to those who feel they need clarity or simply some advice on just where they stand in the world of pensions, life assurance and income protection as it is such an important area but one that can be very confusing and often gets neglected or ignored. I originally met with Ryan after being referred by a friend.  At that point I was concerned about the fact I, like many people, had an array of pension pots from current and previous employers, and no clear idea over how well they were performing, or how best to arrange them to work for me.

I was also concerned over whether I was sufficiently covered for such things as life assurance and critical illness. Ryan helped me by firstly focusing on what my desired outcome was, which brought clarity and focus to a complicated area. He also took on the administrative side, which can be burdensome but was necessary to get the full picture of my position and therefore my needs. As a result I am now clearer on where I am, where I want to be, and have an idea of how to get there. It is also reassuring to know that you have an adviser that knows your situation and can assist you when you need it.  

Richard Berry
Group Management Accountant at Rathbone Brothers Plc

“My best interests at heart”

We're all busy focusing on our own careers & hence our personal investments & financial planning arrangements can take a back seat. That's where Dave & his colleagues at Amicus Wealth come in, they're constantly monitoring the best performing funds out there & advising me on any necessary switches to maximise my returns. I've always felt that they've had my best interests at heart & have had regular meetings to discuss any personal or legislative changes that could impact my future plans. I've recommended Dave & his team to several family members, friends & colleagues & will have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

John Field
GFI Group

“Strong level of aftercare”

Having had a particularly laissez faire attitude towards to pensions and savings in general when I was introduced to Chris and Amicus it was great to have some simple but affective plans put in place. Explanations of which policies and why were most suitable for me were again kept clean and easily intelligible to a mind that has only a vagues interest in financial planning.

There has been a strong level of aftercare whereby any questions I have had have been answered quickly and effectively and regular updates and potential forward options are provided even when I have forgotten to ask so I’m always aware of where I stand.

Many thanks to Chris and Amicus for all your help over the years for helping me reach a better financial position.

Tommy Bain
Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners

“Zero hard-sell tactics”

Anyone who needs advice for pensions or investments or who simply needs someone to help organise their current portfolio and gain an updated status would benefit most from the service that Chris and Amicus provide. There is a very friendly atmosphere in our meetings and at no point was there any pressure to take any services. A number of meetings took place before any decisions were made. I first contacted Chris and Amicus so that we could obtain a view of all my different pensions spanning 30 years across multiple companies and to identify their currently value and consolidate my pensions. Then to look at migrating them onto one platform/into one fund and to review any 'final salary' transfer value options and take advantage of maximum allowances.

Before I met Chris, I was concerned as I expected some hard-sell tactics, due to my experience with many other advisers over the years, which did not lead to positive outcomes. This was not the case with Chris. There is also an over-whelming amount of different financial advisors to choose from.

I chose to do business with Amicus due to positive recommendations from colleagues. Chris’s considerate and 'soft' approach helped me realise my risk appetite and an understanding of my current work and personal life commitments.   Chris obtained a view on all of my pensions and consolidated them into one fund. The annual transfer value figures were also obtained from the final salary pensions so that timely decisions can be made when appropriate with regards to lifetime allowance. What I particularly liked about the approach and delivery in our first meetings was that Chris re-enforced the risks that I was taking and there were zero hard-sell tactics. He is always very friendly, professional and took time to understand my personal circumstances in order to offer the most appropriate advice. 

Karl Turnbull

“Very personal service”

I would highly recommend the services of Amicus Wealth for anyone in need of some clarity or assistance with both tax relief and planning. I originally approached Will Pennie because I had begun to think about whether my various individual personal pensions accumulated through various employments were being optimally managed in my best interests, and whether there was more I could be doing to make the most of available tax benefits both pension and otherwise.

Before even discussing my pension, Will talked through my background, lifestyle, current situation and my thoughts on retirement and potential expectations. He helped me to get some perspective before providing a tailored set of proposals around how best to optimise the management and potential performance of my investments, outlining how I could best utilise unused tax benefits for possible top up investments.

I now receive regular updates from Amicus Wealth on my combined pension portfolio, which are very clear and easy to understand. Will ensures we catch up at least twice a year to discuss any possible changes to my circumstances or retirement plans.

Amicus Wealth provided a very personal service and I found the experience to be both educational in the world of Tax Planning and supportive in terms of helping to obtain the best outcome for me.

Richard Pontin 
Independent Compliance Consultant at IB Compliance Services Limited. Past Employment – International Head of Compliance (ex Japan) at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

“My whole family now work with Amicus”

The level of service has been excellent; I feel they have put me in a good place with their financial advice and help. I contacted Gethin for advice on my Personal Pension and Investments as far too often I had been told “what the advisor wanted me to hear but not want I needed to hear”, there was no real help or advisory that addressed these issues I faced. So before we met Amicus I was concerned about a possible lack of integrity or impartial selling on here part. Many companies tell you to “Choose me” with nothing or very little to offer in support of this statement.

Gethin identified and addressed my concerns, by listening to me first and then looking at areas of investment interest, he was able to offer a list of best solutions to suit my needs. He was able to pro-actively manage my requirements especially as I wanted something specific in my planning, by giving me all options for evaluation without prejudice, I was able to clearly identify where I needed to and wanted to invest.

What I liked was their approach and the fact I have direct access to my advisor, the impartial selling, understanding of my goals and how to best place me to achieve these targets was set out clearly. Anyone looking for financial advice would benefit from Amicus and Gethin’s service; this would apply to any plan and across any background with no age limits.

As testament my whole family works with Amicus, from 26-62 years of age.

Ian Sanders
Head of Middle Offices

“Personal, not forceful and patient”

Professionals who don’t have time to do their own financial planning will certainly benefit from Dave’s services. I moved to the UK and needed some advice on investment opportunities available for professionals like myself who are based in the UK. Before I met Dave Fry, I was a little wary of Impartiality with investments, kickback fees from providers of the investments, as well as hidden fees payable by me. However, on meeting Dave, I immediately got on with him and he inspired confidence around my initial concerns as well as future trust of him. What I particularly like about Dave’s approach is that it is personal, not forceful and patient. Amicus aren’t just salesmen but genuine people who are very knowledgeable and who walk the talk. After dealing with Dave and Amicus over the years, I still feel extremely comfortable and trusting with both Dave and Amicus as an institution.

Rob Bessinger
Managing Director and Investment Banker

“Rachel and Amicus sounded like a person and company I would want to do business with”

Anyone with multiple pension funds and those who are concerned about retirement would certainly and especially benefit from the service Rachel and Amicus provide.

Before I met Rachel, I was concerned that my best interests would be put first and would just be another number. Rachel really helped to ease those worries and has done a great job with keeping me informed and helping to make the right choices. I had a number of separate pension funds and wanted to consolidate the funds thus ensuring they were properly managed.

I was Introduced to Rachel by a colleague. Hearing his views on Rachel and Amicus sounded like a person and company I would want to do business with Rachel consolidated my pension fund and put the funds into the right risk category for me.

What I liked in particular was the transparency through the whole process and keeping me informed as well as regular communication. I felt confident that my pension and savings would be handled professionally with my best interests.

Ryan Combrinck
Transaction Reporting at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“Extremely helpful and responsive”

I am very happy to recommend Claudia Button. She has been extremely helpful and responsive over the past two years as my financial adviser. She has helped me with various aspects of tax planning to a very high standard.

Nik Oliver
Managing Director at UBS

“No hesitation in recommending Claudia”

Whilst I think the sort of person that would benefit most from using Amicus are individuals similar to myself, there is a wide spectrum of people who don’t have a full understanding of their financial affairs and would undoubtedly benefit from meeting representatives from Amicus Wealth, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Claudia as a contact point.

I was introduced to Claudia at Amicus Wealth in late 2017. Before then I was primarily concerned about my retirement plans, as over the years I had contributed to pensions with three financial institutions and had little control over the investments so did not feel that I was maximising their performance. A colleague of mine who had similar circumstances had met with Claudia and recommended her as someone who would be able to help address my requirements.

Claudia helped me by fully explaining the benefits and downsides of transferring the existing pensions to a SIPP and did this in a manner which was easy to understand, providing a full explanation of any recommendations made.

Since then Claudia and I have met regularly to review the retirement plans and arrangements. Claudia is always happy to help, replies in a timely manner and follows up our discussions with a written summary which outlines our discussions and fully justifies any recommendations. No question is considered too simple and Claudia is always happy to spend time explaining any follow up points. Having not spent much time considering my retirement plans in the past I found the experience enlightening and of a great help to me.

Paul Harrington
Director, Real Estate Finance at Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking


Like Banking, The City of London is a hub for the Insurance industry, meaning these clients are also on our doorstep. Here are some of their stories:

“Polite, professional and approachable”

I have been a satisfied client of Richard and Amicus Wealth for several years.  They have always been polite, professional and approachable and their advice has always been spot on.   I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Andrew Wegg
Credit Risk Manager at Allianz

“Strong asset to Amicus”

My strongest testimony to Matt is that I have recommended his services to my friends. He is a strong asset to Amicus. I have been dealing with Matt for a number of years. When I was first introduced to Matt he conducted a thorough fact find and made sure that I was fully aware of the choices. From this he was able to determine what type of Investor I was and his recommendations met my needs. Matt has been fantastic in consolidating my financial affairs and having providing me with one point of contact. Matt continues to keep in regular contact and is always willing to help – Matt keeps me well informed of the changes in the market and products and this shows through in our regular review meetings.

Christopher Lewis
Director at Borland Insurance

“Friendly, knowledgeable and professional”

I chose Chris for his expertise in pension regulation and breadth of knowledge across the available investment opportunities and I think Chris will benefit any clients who have long term investment objectives but don’t have the time or the expertise to get the most out of their money.

I had pensions and other savings, spread across a number of areas. I needed them brought together in one place and (to) be able to invest them sensibly taking account of tax and other regulations.

My problems have been addressed by creating a SIPP for my pension savings and by bringing these together with my ISA and other savings. It has then been possible to make investment decisions across all of the assets bearing in mind my objectives. What I like about Chris and Amicus’ approach is that it is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Christopher Price
Head of Insurance Solutions at AXA

“Confidence of his approach and quality of advice”

Gethin put forward a range of suggestions and ideas that I would not have been able to undertake myself to ensure that I maximized the window of investment opportunity available. Before I came to Amicus, I had no real specific concerns however has previously dealt with my financial arrangements myself but wanted to understand transparency of arrangements. It has been a very useful experience to help me get my financial planning on a sound footing and provide opportunities for the future. 

I contacted Gethin for advice on planning investments for retirement and investing for my children’s future.  I needed expert help and support to look at options and alternatives. I chose to do business with Gethin as our initial meeting gave me confidence of his approach and quality of advice. I particularly like the regular contact and catch ups with Gethin, to keep updated through a personal service. A client looking to understand the allowances available within our tax system, plan or review current financial arrangements would benefit the most from Gethin’s services.

Chris Sutton
Head of Strategic Broking at Aon Risk Solutions 

“You would be in good hands”

Whether you are young and only looking to start something modest or older and looking for something more mature, I'm sure you would be in good hands with Ryan.

I needed help with setting up a long term private pension plan and an additional savings plan. Ryan came highly recommended by a good friend and before we met, I had a general lack of understanding regarding pensions – how to structure them, how much will I need when I retire and how should I fit a private pension around my work pension and other savings products.

Ryan’s advice on simple outlining of a SIPP in tandem with an ISA suited both my personal and family needs. Additional contacts in other financial areas (tax advice for example) was also helpful. What I particularly like about his approach or delivery is that it was made clear that I didn’t have to go with the products suggested, and advice was relaxed and not pushy.

The process was very comfortable and carried out over a few individual sessions. Time was given to my family and I to consider, discuss and come to a decision.

Daniel Carney
Senior Vice President, Power & Utilities at Marsh

“Collaborative and very informative”

My interaction with Amicus from the start was collaborative and very informative. That initial meeting has led to a strong partnership that is always focused on past and present goals and is aligning with future goals as well. This gives me the confidence that my needs are receiving the appropriate support and ultimately the right advice.

David Roberts

“Richard had my best interests at heart”

I think that Richard’s approach, personality and understanding, make him well suited to adapt to a client with both small and big portfolios.  I needed to reinvest my pension pot and wanted to make sure I reinvested in safe, but good yielding entities so went to Richard on the advice of a trusted friend who was already a client and haven’t looked back since. From my initial meeting I realised that Richard had my best interests at heart.    

I want to retire early and with that in mind, Richard explained how moving things around would be beneficial to me.  We have consolidated my portfolio to put me in the best possible position to achieve that. Richard quickly made me feel relaxed and was able to explain things to me whereby I could clearly see that alteration of my current arrangements would put me in a far better position – not only a more cost-effective way for my business to be handled.  He kept his explanations clear and simple and I didn’t feel that he was putting my money in a vessel which would earn him the most money.  It’s his personal touch that makes all his clients feel that they are a big fish in whatever size pond – big or small.

Julie Penticost
Operations Director at Besso Limited 

“I am glad I took my leap”

I was one of the ’why should I pay a Financial Adviser to do something I could do myself’ brigade.  Except I was doing nothing. With the prospect of retirement on the horizon, I recognized that I needed to get some help as I did not have the time to properly and continually review my pension provisions, despite their importance. With any new working relationship, there is an inevitable ‘leap of faith’ component.  During the first couple of meetings, Ryan was able to provide some guidance on quick-win changes to improve the performance of certain investments as well as recommending to leave some alone.    

This approach gave me confidence that Ryan would be a good choice for me. During our regular meetings, Ryan has kept the information readily digestible and has provided some other helpful ideas beyond my original request.  He is an active adviser, rather than one who sits back and just banks his money.  He has recently advised a switch from one fund as it’s performance was faltering. He also helped me change platforms to a competitor platform which offered the same investment options but at lower cost.  I am glad I took my ‘leap’.

Kevin Juniper
Head of Insurance at Castleton Commodities 

“Efficient friendly service”

I believe Chris’s services would benefit any professional needing a broad review of their finances who want to make sure their arrangements are set up in the most efficient and cost effective way. Chris was recommended to me as he works with several ex and current colleagues.

Following my move to a new company a couple of years ago I asked Chris to review all of my existing financial arrangements including pensions, savings, investments and protection. I am very satisfied with the efficient friendly service and good financial advice I have received. 

Recently, I required expert advice regarding an enhanced pension transfer offer I had received. Chris responded very quickly and following initial meetings provided a very comprehensive report that detailed the information I needed regarding the implications of accepting or not accepting the offer. This enabled me to make decisions re the offer and also my long term retirement planning.

Mike Carolan
Head of Construction at PIB Insurance Brokers 

“A very reliable and knowledgeable adviser”

I would recommend Richard to others as a very reliable and knowledgeable adviser. Richard had been recommended to me by a colleague at a time when I was looking to top up my pension. Richard listened to what I wanted and provided me with some options, having reviewed my financial situation he carefully pointed out the benefits and risks with the options presented. I was left with time to carefully consider what I wanted to do without any pressure to make a decision, he involved his colleagues as required to ensure that I was provided with all the correct data and facts.

I have subsequently relied on Richard's advice on other matters for both myself and my family and have always found him to be very thorough, professional and very approachable even if asked to explain the same thing a number of times to ensure I understand it!

Neil King

“Confidence that they are sustainable and will deliver”

Gethin has many admirable qualities but the overarching of these is his professional approach to his work. It started for me at the time Aon was reviewing its pension arrangements and I needed advice. A colleague of mine recommended Gethin to me saying that he did a good job for him on his finances and he had a collaborative style rather than just selling financial products. Also he already had a number of my colleagues as clients who also recommended him.

His approach of listening and making suggestions about best how to set up your finances according to your requirement is refreshing rather than someone just trying to sell their products. His explanation of how the financial products work is done in a way that is understood and gives the confidence that they are sustainable and will deliver. The trust here is also supported by the organisation he works for.

Another important aspect to the way Gethin works is that you can contact him at any time if you have any concerns you wish to discuss. This is an important part of the “after sales” service.

Nigel Smith
Broking Director at Aon Risk Solutions 

“We are where we want to be”

We are delighted with how our planning has been delivered. For anyone outside the financial services sector, dealing with an IFA can be daunting but George Thomas has burst that preconception.

What was immediately appealing was the simplicity with which the process was explained and the neatness of the proposed solutions.  George has taken a holistic view of where we are and where we want to be, and has provided an effective and coherent package of policies and advice.  More, George has steered us toward broader improvements in our financial planning for which we remain grateful.

Richard Stephens
Partner at Proelium Law LLP 

“Very comfortable that the money I have saved is in the right place”

To anyone like me who is not a sophisticated investor and needs patient expertise to coordinate, explain and determine the right investment strategy for them, I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Hammond at Amicus Wealth.   Richard has been outstanding in listening to, understanding and meeting my needs. As a result, all our pensions and ISAs are now in coordinated, sound investment vehicles.

I understand exactly where they are invested, how they are performing on a continuous basis, and why the investment strategy I have agreed with Richard is appropriate for my medium and long term needs. Having worked for various insurance related firms during a 30 year career to date, I found myself in the position of having a series of unconnected pension pots with correspondingly disparate investment strategies. Also, I had built up ISA savings for myself and my wife but with no meaningful investment plan or management.

A friend recommended Richard Hammond of Amicus Wealth as financial advisor who, I was informed, would be very able to organise my portfolio and create a coordinated, appropriate investment strategy. For the first time, I am very comfortable that the money I have saved is in the right place and that I am doing the right thing.

Simon Stokoe

“I did not feel pressurised to make quick decisions”

I contacted Amicus to obtain a review of my Pension arrangements as these had not been looked at for some time, and a review of Life Insurance position. I had dealt with a financial advisor in the past who has since retired. It was prudent to take advice again, and Amicus was Personally recommended by a friend.

Ben has provided knowledgeable advice in a timely manner. I did not feel pressurised to make quick decisions and It certainly felt like the advice was for my benefit not the benefit of Amicus. They outlined the present situation in the Pensions marketplace and provided clear, information on what my options were.

My experience has been excellent thus far. Look forward to working closely with Ben over the months and years ahead. I sing the praises of Ben and Amicus when I speak to colleagues. I would have no hesitation in recommending if the opportunity arises.

Danny Turner
Key Account Manager Market Management & Communication at Allianz

“My portfolio is in good hands”

I first contacted Amicus Wealth as I required a Financial Adviser to provide regular, quality input rather than a once a year appraisal or financial ‘medical’. I also wanted to move my final salary pension scheme onto a personal pension platform and to generate acceptable returns from thereon.

Before my first meeting, I had the same concerns as I assume most new and potential clients will.I wondered how independent the advice was, what were the costs involved and how will my portfolio perform better if I take new advice. I was also aware of the media negativity that some other financial advisory firms have had in previous years.

Following a personal recommendation from a colleague at Guy Carpenter grouped with the central location of their office and his flexibility, I agreed to meet with Ben Riley. He made a great first impression, I was impressed with his in-depth technical analysis and was pleased to know that we have a mutual appreciation of “Little Kensington!

What I particularly like about Bens approach is his turnaround times and professional impartial advice. He quickly put all my initial concerns to rest. We have now successfully moved Final Pension scheme and managed existing Benefit portfolio, and I feel content that my portfolio is in good hands.

Any professional individual, working or retired would benefit the most from the services of Ben Riley and Amicus Wealth.

James Beresford
Managing Director at Guy Carpenter

“Clearest and most valuable advice that I have received”

From the very first conversation with Amicus about my pension, Ben Riley advised me to consider a more holistic strategy covering estate planning, inheritance tax, joint wills, lifetime allowances and capital gains tax to name but a few.

This is the clearest and most valuable advice that I have received from a wealth management firm and my wife and I now firmly believe that all of our financial affairs are fully in order, not just my pension.

John Begley
Non Exec Director formerly COO of a Global Broking House  

“I could not be more satisfied with the service and advice I received”

Amicus as a business and Ben Riley as an adviser have been first class and given me great peace of mind that my arrangements are being managed efficiently.

I approached Amicus a few years ago and met Ben Riley who has overseen my pension arrangements since. Ben is a super chap who is always willing to help and assist. Nothing is too much trouble and his advice is first class. I could not be more satisfied with the service and advice I receive.

I have recommended his services to a number of my personal friends which is a testimony to Ben’s professionalism and efficiency.

Rob Munden
Chief Underwriting Officer

“Valuable timely advice”

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben to anyone seeking a diligent and proactive advisor.

Ben has been advising me since 2016, and over that time, he has built up a strong relationship of trust, with a considered, responsive service.

I made the decision to appoint Ben, and Amicus, because of the thoroughness of the initial review exercise, and the time is taken, and detail provided before I had even agreed to use his services. Moreover, I had very specific requirements regarding the types of investments that I was prepared to consider, and Ben took that on board and continues to do so.

Ben has never been pushy, and I both enjoy my conversations with him and receive valuable timely advice from him. As a result, over time, I have sought his input on all my financial planning decisions.

Calum Maclean
Senior Risk Manager at QBE Insurance

“Patient, and taken the time to both listen and understand my long term hopes and objectives”

I am more than happy to recommend Claudia and Amicus to any potential future Clients.

I was initially introduced to Claudia in June 2017. At that time, I had many concerns about my various pensions with both current and previous employers dating back over 30 years. I had not sought professional financial advice for more than 10 years and realised after I returned to the UK in late 2016, following a long term work assignment in Hong Kong, that I needed to seek such advice from a reputable company.

I was initially introduced to Claudia in June 2017. At that time, I had many concerns about my various pensions with both current and previous employers dating back over 30 years. I had not sought professional financial advice for more than 10 years and realised after I returned to the UK in late 2016, following a long term work assignment in Hong Kong, that I needed to seek such advice from a reputable company.

From my first initial meeting with Claudia, I felt she was someone I could comfortably talk to and discuss all my various financial affairs including those concerning my wife and young family.

Claudia certainly helped me to better understand my various company pension pots and through her own investigations of my past employers' pension schemes, dating back to the mid-1980s, she was able to give me a clear and concise summary of my present situation and options. In a few instances, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find out the values of certain pension pots following Claudia’s investigations.

During our various meetings, Claudia has always been patient, and taken the time to both listen and understand my long term hopes and objectives for the future.

From my own experiences I believe the sort of people who would most benefit from using Amicus and Claudia would be having several pension pots from both past and present employers, like myself, and seeking to better understand what potential options would be available to them after they reach the age of 55 and beyond.

My overall experience dealing with Amicus Wealth and Claudia, in particular, is very positive and I look forward to continuing a long term relationship with both.

Mark Currie
Vice President at Guy Carpenter & Company


If you work in Information and Technology, here are some client stories from people who may be in a similar position:

“Happy to recommend”

George has helped with my financial planning and always provided a professional informative service that I would be happy to recommend to any of my friends or colleagues.

Alex Blakeway
Digital Strategist, Investor and Job Creator at Oracle recruitment

“A financial strategy which met my requirements”

The whole experience has been very positive. Before I met Matt I was a little wary about seeking financial advice as it was very important that I ensured that I worked with a trusted and recommended firm. I was particularly interested in longer term financial planning and how to maximise my future pension.

Over the course of our meetings, Matt put my concerns to rest and proposed a financial strategy which met my requirements. Matt's approach to financial advice is eager and flexible. Professionals & executives for whom financial planning isn’t their area of strength and those who need to ensure they are maximising their future financial position, would certainly benefit from Matts services.

Andy Horrigan
Global Client Executive at Cisco

“Wise investment decisions”

My experience is that Richard does not just offer his clients run of the mill advice, but that he pays attention to his clients' personal circumstances and seeks to present options that are aimed to maximise their earning potential. I have become accustomed to his thorough research, preparation and attention to detail, and I have come to trust that if there are decisions to be made the proposed options would be clearly laid out by him.

Finding myself in a new country where the investment regulations and incentives were unknown to me at the time, Richard offered the advice I needed over the years to help me make wise investment decisions. The approachable nature of his personality, along with his professional conduct makes it a pleasure to do business with him.

IT Consultant
A Global Financial Services software company

“Matt took care of everything”

I would recommend Matt and the Amicus team to anyone that wants tailored advice, strong financial performance across a wide range of investments and the security that their investment portfolio is actively reviewed to ensure it continues to deliver.

I was looking to consolidate some existing company and personal pensions that I had with a number of different providers.  The pensions were not being actively managed and therefore I was concerned that they were not performing as well as they could be.  I also previously had cash ISAs, but the returns were very low, so I was curious if stocks and shares ISAs would be a better option.

I didn't have the time or expertise to consolidate my pensions and ISAs or manage them myself. It was at this point that I was recommended the services of Matt Thomas by a friend. Matt took the time to fully understand my financial position and goals as well as answering all my questions.  Based on this Matt put together a number of tax-efficient investment options along with his personal recommendation for my portfolio. Once the approach was agreed Matt took care of everything - working with my existing pension providers and my employer to transfer funds and get everything setup. 

The whole experience was very professional and efficient throughout and I have since moved additional funds over to Matt to manage and we regularly meet to review performance and any changes to my financial position and requirements.  These ongoing reviews give me peace of mind that everything is performing well and also the opportunity to review any further recommendations that Matt has.

Richard Dunn
Sales Specialist - Cloud, IT and Security at Vodafone

“Streamlined and Comprehensive”

I would certainly recommend Amicus Wealth as the financial company you should be talking to. Matt Thomas provided me with impartial, practical and professional advice on my financial portfolio which I have matured both privately and professionally. After using another renowned broker, I decided to obtain a third party opinion and went to Amicus Wealth who methodically and meticulously went through my various policies and ended up with a streamlined and comprehensive set of policies that provides for my future and at a reduced premium – what else could I ask for?

Tim Harmer
Global Account Manager CGEM Sales at Cisco


Our clients trust us to manage their finances, giving them security for some of the biggest milestones in life, including the major one we all work towards - retirement.

“I feel both comfortable and in control”

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris’s services. In my view – regardless of your situation – it is always worth an initial conversation with Chris to see if he can assist you in meeting your investment and tax management objectives.

When I first met Chris I did not have a clear idea of what I was looking to achieve or indeed what was possible. I also needed to feel comfortable dealing with him and his company.

We had a number of informal meetings where we got to know each other, and I gained a clearer idea of what I was aiming to achieve and to understand how Chris could help me to achieve those objectives.

I am now in a place with my investment portfolio where I feel both comfortable and in control which I can honestly say was not the case before I met him.

Malcolm Wright

“Sure footed, professional and extremely responsive”

Once introduced to Mike Lewis I soon appreciated his depth of knowledge and professional approach especially as I began to consider commuting my 'DB' Final Salary Scheme.

I worked in Corporate Banking all my Career [in the City] so as I approached early retirement I was pretty confident that I had the necessary skills to handle the issues in front of me. However, it soon became apparent that there were a number of issues where I needed some professional guidance.

As I pondered the issues, Mike offered impartial and cogent advice. For example, I initially refused the first offer I was made by Pension Fund Trustee's and far from trying to persuade me to accept it, Mike totally agreed with my rationale to refuse. Patience proved a virtue as we revisited the issue again approximately 6 months later when I was able to accept a significantly improved offer.... an offer that would be very hard to refuse. Mike and his Team at Amicus then completed all the Compliance /FCA work on my behalf to satisfy all Regulatory requirements in a very timely manner.

When suggesting solutions and products, he has done so with a holistic view of my financial position and risk tolerances, and within the confines of our ongoing narrative. I have been with Mike since around 2014 and I have always found him to be thoughtful, sure footed, professional and extremely responsive.

Martin Broadhurst

"Good, quality, friendly and impartial advice."

Anyone looking to consolidate their various employment pensions as I did and find good, quality, friendly and impartial advice should not hesitate to talk to Gethin and the team at Amicus Wealth.

I was initially contacted by Gethin with a view to assisting with my Financial Planning for retirement. At the time I had numerous pensions from my various employments ranging from Final Salary to Cash Purchase to stakeholder pensions, all with varying sums.

Initially I was cautious about meeting up with someone who had called me out of the blue but after meeting Gethin I was quickly put at ease. There was no hard sell, he and the team fully understood my concerns and desire not to risk my investments but that I wanted to build for the future in quality funds.

Gethin organised obtaining current values from all my pensions, he made it clear we should not touch the final salary scheme as it was best left where it was but that we should amalgamate all the other schemes in to a single fund. I was taken through a series of questions that clearly assessed my risk appetite and was at all times urged not to make investments that I was not comfortable with.

At no time was this a rushed process and I was given plenty of time to make my decision. In fact, if anything Gethin did not want me making decisions I would regret later.

When I had a further piece of luck which enabled me to take early retirement Gethin walked me through the whole process explaining clearly at each step what the process was, how long it might take and why, and overall went to great lengths to make sure I was fully happy with the decisions I was making.

Overall there was no hard sell, every step was clearly explained, and there was always a drive to drop to the next risk level down and never to go above what I was happy with.

Wayne Savill


If these are not relevant to you, don’t worry, we cover all bases. Here are some client stories from people working in other industries:

“Complete confidence in their judgement”

I have worked with Chris James since around the year 2000. Both he and Amicus have always given me excellent proactive advice. I have complete confidence in their judgement and have already recommended them to a number of colleagues.

Hugh Jones
Partner at Osborne Clarke

“Retire with confidence”

The initial free consultation and then predefined fees gave me more confidence about the impartiality of advice and the options available were considerably more varied than those I had been aware of previously. This has resulted in my pension pot having been boosted by a considerable amount in recent years through options drawn to my attention by Will.

I particularly like the fact that I will be made aware of potential future changes in legislation or rules that could impact me. This combined with the regular review meetings that re-assess current state gives me the confidence that I can adjust my financial plans in plenty of time, if required.

It is surprising what can be achieved when you are seeking to boost your retirement pot and how important timing is when it comes to utilising annual contribution limits, income tax savings and protection against exceeding the lifetime allowance. At the age of 55 my wife and I were in a financial position to retire with confidence about the adequacy of our pension provision. The calculations were more complex than I had imagined and without Will’s advice I would have missed out on some significant benefits to boost my pot and been subject to an unexpected tax burden. I had previously been put off taking professional financial advice when an advisor had little more knowledge than I did and appeared to base advice on the level of commission he would receive from the different options. When I was introduced to Will Pennie at Amicus Wealth I found quite a different situation.

John Ticehurst
Principal Business Architect at Xchanging

“My finances are in good hands”

Having worked with Mike and Amicus since it's inception I know that my finances are in good hands. The regular reviews that Mike organizes with me to validate the investment strategy enable us to tweak the portfolio along the way for maximum value and has helped produce strong returns. I have used Mike and his colleagues at Amicus to inform me across various other parts of my financial planning, including arranging the financing for property purchases and have been confident in recommending him to friends and colleagues who have communicated to me that they are equally pleased.

Leon Saunders-Calvert
Global Head of M&A and Capital Raising Propositions, Refinitiv

“Sound timely advice”

Ryan has always been prompt to respond to my questions regarding my financial planning, he’s listened to my needs (including through both marriage and divorce) and in providing sound timely advice. I moved away from my previous advisor due a lack of responsiveness with emails and calls waiting a fortnight or more before being reply to (if at all).

Tim Highfield
Head of Developments IO Oil & Gas Consulting

“Sound timely advice”

I have a great relationship with Mike and trust him 100%. He knows my goals, risk tolerance and appreciates my lack of time. I am a very structured person and like that he always comes super prepared for our meetings. I feel as though my financials are in a safe pair of hands but also that my changing needs are being met. I see this as a long-term partnership. Having recently returned to the UK after living in New York for six years, I was looking for a Financial Advisor and Mike was recommended to me by a friend from business school. After our initial meeting, I left feeling confident that Mike and his company would be able to support me in my financial planning goals.

My primary goal was to get an overview of all my UK and US finances including pensions and ISAs in order that I could come up with a savings plan. I wanted to earn as much interest as I could within my risk threshold but leaving cash accessible as my short-term goal was a financial plan that would support me in buying my first home and cover all the associated costs. The strategy in the USA is to leave your pension until retirement age, Mike recommended that we essentially leave it running but make some minor changes in the blend of investments to get a better rate of return.
My UK pensions were consolidated under my employer pension and I also started investing in a personal pension in order to grow my retirement pot and take advantage of government set thresholds, and invest annually in stocks and shares ISAs. As my needs have evolved, Mike has also been put me in touch with a Mortgage Adviser to answer questions I have had on mortgage rates, as well as supporting me in the completion of my UK tax return. Before I met Mike I was concerned that the cost of engaging a Financial Advisor would outweigh the returns and that I would have to take the time to gather my financial data/paperwork in one place in order to start the conversation however Mike is extremely thorough and well organised and I like that he reaches out to me to check in, make sure we are meeting regularly and is clear what he needs from me to make the most of our review meetings. He reviews my portfolio ahead of our meetings, and comes prepared with the data and recommendations, so that our time together focuses on action and addressing any questions I may have. I also appreciate that he is on top of legislations to ensure that I am making the most of my allowances.

The sort of people who will benefit the most from the service that Amicus offer are people similar to myself who work long hours and does not have the time that is required to keep on top of their finances in order to monitor their portfolio and get the best returns, and importantly keep abreast of the ever-changing legislations. Amicus can do that for you.

Victoria Carvalho
Managing Director of Employee Loyalty at Ten Lifestyle Group

“Consistent and friendly advice”

All clients would benefit from this service as it caters for all levels of wealth. Personal service without any “hard sell” tactics. Good feedback and regular meetings. Trust Trust Trust.

Before I met Amicus (Dave Fry) I had met several alternative “advisers” but the advice they gave seemed to mainly benefit them in terms of fees and preferred carriers. The important element of Trust was always missing. Amicus have provided me with sound and prudent investment advice, where there was never any pressure to “buy” their products. Simple yet sound advice from a small but very effective company. I wanted a whole planning review and in particular I wanted to have a target pension pot for a retirement at 55, 60 or 65. I also wanted to invest in Stocks and shares ISAs and needed advice on low cost but successful funds and low cost platforms.

David always analysed my investments and changed or managed the strategy on a yearly basis, but always with the long term in mind. No short term sprints into high risk madness. Good “attitude to risk” analysis too generally. The key ingredient is that you listen and shape strategy around my aims and objectives. This builds trust and a long term relationship which is key to any financial partnership and advice.

Calm, consistent and friendly advice and service.

Thomas Gleis

Self Employed / Entrepreneurs

As you may know, the self-employed or Directors of Ltd. Companies have different tax treatments. With this in mind, our advice is tailored to suit their situations. Here are some examples are how we help this type of client:

“Well worth having a chat with Ryan”

If you have a sizeable investment portfolio or are just starting to look at how you could structure your pension/investment portfolio in a tax efficient way it's well worth having a chat with Ryan.

Having had issues with previous IFA's trying to charge overly high fees for a substandard offering I was very wary about getting involved with another IFA. However, I'm glad I did. Ryan identified and resolved where I was over protected and consequently paying too much for products, put in place a sensible framework for my finances and all for a lower fee than I was previously paying.

In addition he's a genuinely good guy with a healthy interest in Rugby.

Alistair Hutchinson
Project Manager at Asset Disposals

“Amicus has its finger on the pulse”

We would recommend Amicus to seasoned and novice investors alike and to any budding entrepreneurs. Dave and his team at Amicus are a dynamic, forward looking company and I am confident that our investments and the advice we receive are on a very sound footing.

We particularly liked the thorough approach and risk analysis Amicus used to understanding our financial situation and advising on the possible strategies which could be used to maximise our funds growth over the long term.

Our main concern was funding retirement with an adequate income as we are both approaching 60. We had already received advice from another company which I was unhappy with and made us wary and possibly sceptical about the finance industry, which is not a bad thing when you are entrusting substantial funds to a third party.

We set up a SSAS some years ago but as an entrepreneur running an SME I realised that we did not have the time, nor expertise to make sure our retirement fund would perform consistently over the long term, so sought more ‘professional’ approach to investing.

I had heard good reports regarding Amicus and its MD Dave Fry from a trusted business contact. Amicus has now provided a long term solution to our pension and investing needs.

Dave always keeps in touch. We meet up once a year to take stock of the current situation and we regularly email and talk as required. Life, business and the financial world has a habit of changing at a rapid pace, but we feel confident that Amicus has its finger ‘on the pulse’ so that these changes can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Gary Young
Owner at CIS Street Furniture

“Efficient and Professional Service”

Chris has been advising me since around 2010 and has always provided an efficient and professional service. Chris provides just the right amount of information to make decisions and is always happy to meet up in person at short notice. Chris keeps up to date with changing personal and work situations, new products and legislation so his advice is always current, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Chris as a FA.

Lee Barnes
Principal and Director at RichVein Consulting

“Knowledgeable, professional and helpful”

Honest and very personable, Ryan has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sound financial advice from an immensely professional financial advisor.

Ryan has been advising me for the last 4 years primarily on my Personal Pension activities and he has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful throughout.

His knowledge of his sector has been incredibly impressive and his ongoing engagement and commitment to my financial wellbeing equally so.

Paul Mepham
Contractor at UBS

“I’m happy to recommend him”

George has been fantastic at providing impartial, but insightful advice in relation to changing pension providers, setting up critical illness cover & investment advice for our first child…I’m happy to recommend him to anyone who’s looking to ramp up their financial planning.

Peter Budzynski
Founder at Rocket Recruitment ltd

“Careful and thoughtful in her advice”

I have always felt that Rachel has been working in my best interest and I am very pleased to have a proactive advisor to assist me make considered and safe investments. I had another financial advisor before I was a client of Amicus, but was looking for more proactive advice, when Rachel was recommended to me by a colleague. I needed advice on Life Insurance, investments and consolidating my pension.

Rachel Initially set up my critical life and life cover, then consolidated my smaller pensions and company pension into one manageable SIPP. My relationship with Rachel has built over a few years, and she has been careful and thoughtful in her advice and we have now consolidated my investments.

Anyone who is seeking an investment strategy, protection or pension advice would benefit from the service that Rachel and Amicus Wealth offer.

Laurence Taaffe
Programme Manager
Previously with Capgemini, now contracting

“Absolutely certain that I have turned to a true professional”

I believe that Amicus Wealth services are priceless for those who want to be sure that their financial matters are in good order, value their time and want a reliable and trustworthy advisor recommended by existing clients.

Prior to turning to Amicus Wealth, I had been looking to assess my financial situation to understand better which areas required more focus (savings, insurance, etc.) and what could be done to improve them.

Turning to my bank was an option, however, I preferred a more personal approach customised to meet my specific needs rather than a cliché mass product/service. This is what I found at Amicus Wealth. Rachel was recommended by a trusted friend, who had known her for years prior to turning to Amicus for their own financial advice. Their feedback was nothing but positive therefore I did not hesitate to ask for the introductory appointment.

Since then I have been very happy with the way Rachel reviewed my situation, explained various options and recommended relevant products and services while leaving it up to me to decide and choose what I found most suitable.

She has been handling the administrative tasks required to set services up quickly and with remarkable precision thus allowing me to concentrate on my other priorities, which is crucial for a fast-paced environment I have been living in. There is always a direct communication line with Rachel, regular reviews and updates on the service status/progress and there are no questions Rachel would not have verified answers for, which makes me feel absolutely certain that I have turned to a true professional.

Nadiya Kosminina
Business Analyst

“I have been more than happy with the outcome”

Rachel at Amicus has listened carefully to my needs and suggested suitable investments, particularly with regards to the management of my pension funds. The chance to review the performance of existing funds and the possibilities for changes on a face to face basis is important and I have been more than happy with the outcome so far. The explanations given for the proposed course of action(s) have always been clear and precise.

I have dealt with a number of financial advisors over the years mainly for guidance on investments and pensions. Several of these I felt were primarily motivated to sell me savings related insurance products some of which performed well others not so well.

I would recommend professionals who require advice on how best to manage their investment strategy to talk to Amicus, as the service they offer is extremely helpful for those who are not fully aware of the range of financial products that are available.

Dr Neil Oates
Independent Geophysical consultant

“Proactive and highly specific for my current and future needs”

For any City professional with limited time but multiple financial aspects of their lives to organise and keep track of, who want to understand their options in a targeted and highly informed manner, then I most definitely recommend Amicus Wealth in general but Rachel in particular.

I have worked in Financial Services in the City of London for over 20 years.  Throughout that time, I have had a number of IFAs.  They all provided a solid, but rather generic and reactive service, which sufficed, but not much more.  I have now been with Rachel for 2011 years, 4.5 years of which has been with Amicus Wealth. 

The service offered by Rachel and the background support from Amicus, is both proactive and highly specific for my current and future needs.  Whether looking at pensions, other planning for later life, life and illness cover, personal estate management, mortgages or private health insurance, information is always extremely well researched and presented.  This makes my assessment of the facts, alternatives and way forward, as easy as possible, in what is a crowded and diverse market place. 

Without exception, this has resulted in decisions made with total confidence that they are right for me and my family.  Rachel can never do enough to follow up on things, regardless of whether they result in paid business or not, and this feeling of genuinely providing a holistic service, not just looking for the next revenue, is a key factor to this being such a successful and long-lasting relationship. 

Rory Davidson
Programme Manager